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Rosemary O'Hara Pottery

inside-a-chicken-brickRosemary makes kitchenware  for people who like traditional ways of cooking in earthenware: chicken bricks and baking dishes, pizza  dishes, bread bakers, cups and bowls in terracotta and white slip and much more.

Attends fortnightly

Rosemary:"I have recently set up my studio at home in Plimmerton, and restarted my pottery business of 19 years ago, which was located in (the previous!) Tonks Avenue.  I enjoy coming into Wellington a couple of times a month to touch base with market goers at TFM. It’s a great environment to work and converse at the same time.  There are a few more specialist kitchen wares in the pipeline. Check the Thorndon Farmers Market newsletter to find out which days I'm there each month. You can sign up on the front page 

Rosemary's website explains  how to use her chicken bricks.